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The benefits of river cruising

Oct 2, 2017 12:07:06 AM / by Amy Moreno


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  • Why is river cruising such a great way to see the world?

There are many benefits to cruising via ocean liner or river cruise:

  -See many destinations in a short amount of time

  -Unpack only once (floating hotel)

  -Meals included

But there are additional benefits to seeing the world via river cruise (as opposed to an ocean liner):

  -Smaller and more intimate (get to know the staff and other guests better)

  -Excursions included

  -Wine and beer usually are included with meals

  -Better grasp of your overall price up front

  -Quick and easy embarkation and disembarkation

While both have a lot to offer and traditional ocean liners offer more in the way of entertainment and activities, river cruising is ideal for those who truly want to explore and immerse themselves in their destinations. Galcations is proud to partner with Viking River Cruises and is happy to assist you. Contact us at or (602) 550-1199.


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Amy Moreno

Written by Amy Moreno

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