Galcations specializes in planning and delivering worldwide travel for women. Whether it’s sisters traveling together, or mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, cousins, good friends, or solo travelers who come together for the first time, traveling with a group of women makes for lots of laughs and amazing memories!

Travel is so much more than a destination. It’s what you experience while on the way. Learning about new places and cultures, sharing unique moments, and making new friends are all part of the fun. Galcations brings the dream of travel to life by providing one of a kind trips designed for women, by women.

We have domestic and international group trips but can also book anyone on any trip offered through one of our preferred partners (Collette, Trafalgar, Brendan, Cost Savers, and Viking Cruises). 

Learn more about Galcations and our travel offerings, by attending one of our local events or visit our website to find an upcoming event near you. You will meet other women who love to travel, make new friends, hear travel stories and learn travel tips.


Hi. I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you.

Amy Moreno


A little about me:  I am a single mom to two great sons and a wonderful step-daughter.  Jacob is a freshman in college as well as a lifeguard and ball boy for the Phoenix Suns, Michael works full time and goes to college full time, and Kristy is the General Manager at a restaurant (part of a large chain).  I am very proud of all of them! 
I grew up in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area and our family drove to California a couple times a year to visit family and friends, drove to Colorado every couple of years to visit friends, and occasionally drove to Nebraska to see our grandparents and cousins.  Needless-to-say, when our parents took us on a cruise when I was sixteen years old, my sister and I were not only surprised but excited beyond words.  Of course, there were four of us in an inside cabin, sleeping on bunk beds, and back then there wasn’t even electrical outlets in the cabins so if you wanted to blow dry or curl your hair, you had to go to the laundry room.  And it didn’t matter that we were following a hurricane and had very rough weather, that trip had a profound impact on our family and my mother, sister and I all ended up eventually getting into the travel industry.
Travel Experience:  I have been working in the travel more than thirty years.  I started at the front desk of a travel agency but eventually worked for Club Med Vacations for thirteen years which enabled me to travel extensively.  Most recently, I was with AAA Arizona for sixteen years and held a variety of positions with varied duties including running call centers, working with the cruise and tour partners and the AAA travel agents, managing group travel, handling media requests related to travel, and had a weekly TV spot focused on travel.  I’ve been fortunate to have seen over 30 U.S. states, 40 countries, and 20 cruises (but there is so much more to see still)!  I must say my favorite place to visit is Europe and I love river cruising….the architecture, history, art, and food just draw me in every time!  My sister has lived in the Chicago area for over twenty-five years and I have a deep attachment to that area and go there as often as possible.  I decided to start Galcations because I truly believe bringing women together who share a passion for travel and providing a fun, safe way to travel is important. 
Hobbies:  Aside from traveling, I love going to the movies, playing games, live music, and hiking.
Top of my travel bucket list:  South Africa, Banff and Lake Louise (Canada), Prague, Spain, Portugal, Redwoods in California, and train travel anywhere/everywhere!
My favorite saying:  75% of accidents happen close to home, so get out there and explore the world! 

Hi. I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you.

Kathy Cox


A little about me:  I was born and raised in Rockford, IL (60 miles West of Chicago) and that is where my sons were born as well. We moved to Arizona in 2000. I met and married my husband Bob in Arizona while we were both working for AAA.
I grew up with two older sisters and two younger brothers and our family had a boat which enabled us to vacation at various lakes around the mid-west and southern Missouri. When I graduated from high school, I took a trip to Daytona Beach. I fell in love with travel and was immediately hooked. I am happy that my husband, sons, and their families share the passion for travel!
I am the grandmother of eight and these beautiful kids bring me more joy than I ever could have imagined in life!  I am incredibly proud of my children. David is an Auto Glass Company business owner in Phoenix and Damian is an Operations Technology Manager for El Paso Gas and a respected youth football league owner and coach in Flagstaff, Arizona. Needless-to-say, they are both go-getters (no grass grows under their feet!) 
Travel Experience:  I have been a professional travel agent for 15 years and so happy to have a career that I love so much. I am passionate about providing quality service and advice to my travel clients. I’ve had the honor of hosting many group trips in the past, including several women specific tours. I’ve been to 11 countries and 35 U.S. States as well as most of the Caribbean.
Hobbies:  In addition to doing as much domestic and international travel as possible, I am a Disney Fanatic. Bob and I even have an entire bedroom in our house decorated in a Disney theme with a variety of Disney collectibles such as lithographs and plates signed by Walt himself. Obviously, this is our Grandkids favorite room in the house! Beyond travel, I dabble at playing the piano and Bob and I are undertaking a major home renovation (where Bob is doing much of the work himself).
Top of my travel bucket list:  Greece, Ireland and the Baltic
My definition of Galcations:  There is nothing like a stress free, all ladies group with great food, wine and the chance to build friendships while seeing the world!

Hi. I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you.

Nancy Taylor


A little about me:  I grew up with two wonderful parents and three energetic Brothers. Our parents believed travel was the best way to learn and understand the world. During the late 1960’s the six of us drove a Volkswagen bus through Europe, Turkey, Greece and what was then the Iron Curtain (Yugoslavia and Bulgaria). In 1970, we took the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Russia (during the Cold War). That trip included a 300-foot Russian Ferry boat ride from Irkutsk to Yokohama where we were blown across the South China Sea surviving a Typhoon by riding the eye of the storm out into the Sea of Japan. That’s the first time I got my sea legs. My father sold his “Gentleman’s Farm” in the early 70’s and packed up the family for a trip around the Far East Asia and Pacific. That trip involved; Australia, New Zeeland, Tahiti, Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. During the subsequent years we traveled extensively in Central America, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Canada, all 50 of the United States and the Caribbean.
After graduating from College with a degree in Photo Journalism I went on assignment to shoot the Gauchos in Mata Grosse, an area between Brazil and Argentina. After completing the story and photos in about three weeks, I spent the rest of my allotted six months circling South America and ended up going down the Amazon in a dugout canoe.
Working as a Realtor, builder and landlord has enabled me to divide my time between work and the pleasure of travel.
Travel Experience: In addition to the travel I did growing up, I have done extensive travel in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt) and the Middle East (Pakistan, India, China, and Myanmar). In the spring of 2017, I traveled with my 22-year-old niece and her two girlfriends after they all graduated from college. We made an impromptu, no plans, 3-week trip to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo and a whirlwind 17-hour pub crawl through Tokyo. WOW – was it fun!
In August 2017, my boyfriend Jim and I did a month-long European trip and we had the time of our life!! We started with four days in Budapest, then a 15-day Grand European Tour on a Viking Long ship where we sailed from Budapest to Amsterdam, then a week after that where we are free to roam and see even more. I love visiting new places as well as seeing some places more than once. Even if I travel to a destination I’ve been, it is a new experience based on the people I travel with and meet….it’s different, exciting and educational. I have had an insatiable lust for travel. Experiencing travel is multiplied tenfold when we share the experience with others and I truly look forward to traveling Galactions and meeting so many great ladies form all over.
Hobbies: As a teenager I rode dirt bikes and built a retro 1942 Army bike complete with tank shift and suicide clutch. I tried to drive it out to Sturgis, South Dakota for the Harley Davidson Rally but the bike was so slow the event was over before I got there. I currently own an 883 Iron Sportster which is fast and smooth. Although I enjoy the iron horse, I really love horses and horseback riding. I love dogs, chickens, donkeys, fish, birds, bees and all animals. I’ve attempted to be a bee keeper but my swarm has died twice. I’m hoping the third time will be a charm!  
But, my true passion is sailing. I learned to sail as a Mariner Scout and have been sailing ever since. I own a 28-foot Cal that is moored at Wilmette Harbor in Illinois. I race on a beautiful moody 54 named Princess M. that is moored at Du Sable Harbor in Chicago. The Princess crew and I have raced 11 Macs. The Mac Race is 330 miles long and is between Chicago and Mackinaw Island. It is the oldest fresh water race in the history of sailboat racing and is a magnificent event. Princess did win “Line Honors” (first across the finish line) in 2011. I love sailing but I enjoy all water sports. You can get so many more places with a motor boat and there is nothing like buzzing the lake on jet skis. My best friend (also my boyfriend’s sister) and I own two Jet Skis that we dock in Racine by her condo. It makes for great fun to zip around the lake and up the Root River.
Top of my travel bucket list: There are so many places I would like to see but top of my list would be:   Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia (ride a little pony across the grass lands and eat mutton). I’d love to see the Solomon Islands, Pitcairn and New Guinea. Romania to see Dracula’s Castle, Cuba, the Greek Islands and the Hill Tribe area for South East Asia, just a train ride away from Bangkok!
Favorite saying: There is no greater avenue for understanding our civilization and the world than seeing it firsthand.

Hi. I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you.

Lizabeth “Beth” Whiteley


A little about me: I live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband Peter.  I have a a wonderful step-son, daughter-in-law, and two fantastic granddaughters that live in California.  Since we are retired, we spend most of our summers in California with family and friends (and escape the Arizona heat). And, my mohter lives two houses away so we spend lots of time together.
I grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, where our vacations revolved around my Dads schedule as a High School teacher. We were campers with most of our travels being to Northern Michigan (Traverse City and Petoskey) or to the Florida coast for special occasions. I dont believe I got on a plane until I was in High School. We spent a couple of summers living at Camp Dearborn while my Dad took a job as the head of lifeguards at the City Camp. Our family of 5 living in an Airstream for 3 months prepared us for an adventure that would forever change our lives.
In 1970 we took a two-month summer road trip from Michigan out West to explore Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico. My parents always dreamed about moving West and we were on a quest to find our new home. We landed in Arizona where my Dad made a radical career change from teacher and football coach to restaurant owner. Unlike most teens, moving to a new place right before high school sounded like an exciting adventure to me. Arizona did not disappoint and delivered what felt like year round fun as we enjoyed sunshine and welcoming friends and neighbors who were also transplants from the Midwest.
Travel Experience: After graduating from the University of Arizona in Radio/TV with a communications minor, I moved to Northern California to take a job with Sunset Magazine. For 18+ years I led the Marketing and Sales Development team in designing large-scale consumer events and hospitality programs that showcased the best of our brand. The highlight of which was an annual event that I developed called Sunsets Celebration Weekend that drew over 20,000 people over two days each year of the ten that I managed it. It was the ultimate lifestyle event, encompassing travel, cooking, home and garden design and interactive presentations with the editors.
My years at Sunset Magazine made an incredible impact on all aspects of my life. I attribute my time there as fueling my desire to travel, my appreciation for great food and my love of creating beautiful indoor/outdoor home spaces.
In addition to doing extensive travel throughout the West, I have enjoyed travel abroad with trips to France, Italy, Spain and Uruguay.  I absolutely love Italy and have been fortunate to visit there 6 times. I’ve spent the most time in the Tuscan hill towns and the lovely city of Santa Margherita on the Ligurian sea. The incredible architecture, landscape and delicious food exceeds my expectations with each visit. I never tire of this lovely place and the friendly Italians who have created this heaven on earth!
Another favorite of mine is Uruguay. I have an Aunt and Uncle who both call this home and I’ve had the pleasure to visit it twice so far. It has a spectacular coastline, beautiful countryside and a blend of cosmopolitan city scape and rural farmland. The people of Uruguay are some of the most kind and generous I’ve ever met. They value time with family and friends above all and frequently host parrillada’s (barbeques) in the outdoor grill rooms specifically designed for this. It’s an all day event that starts with building the fire in the morning and enjoying grilled meats, sausages and sweet potatoes in the evening. One of my favorite cultural traditions is how they approach a home when visiting unannounced. Instead of walking up to the door, they stand at the sidewalk and clap their hands. If the owner of the home wants to visit, they open their door.
Hobbies: I feel like all my hobbies benefit from and relate to my love of travel cooking, photography and Plein Aire oil painting. Im also a mentor for AFS which brings high school students from around the world to study in the United States, believing that you see the world differently once you have a personal connection.
Top of my travel bucket list: Portugal, New Zealand, Japan and Australia!
Favorite saying:Travel…it’s the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Jen Holgerson


A little about me:  I live in Mesa, Arizona with my husband Carl and our two youngest children.  We have four children; our youngest is a senior in high school, we have two in college, and our eldest is in the U.S. Navy based in Texas (and just bought his first home). Our kids' interests are varried and we are thrilled to see each of them excel in the things they do.  My parents have lived across the street from us for neearly twenty years.  It has been a blessing to have them so close!

After making the move to Arizona at age one, my parents settled our family in Scottsdale, where I had an amazing childhood. Having been from Nebraska, we were a football family. Both of my older brothers played for years, thus I followed the family passion and was a cheerleader for more than a decade. One of my brothers was even a Nebraska Cornhusker (go Big Red!)

I have been a teacher for twenty years, six as a kindergarten teacher and fourteen as a fourth-grade teacher.  Additionally, I’ve spent many years teaching Sunday school and vacation bible study.  I have had years of experience engaging, entertaining, educating, and organizing people and truly love doing it!

Travel Experience:  Growing up, our family drove to California once a year for family vacation, drove to Colorado and Las Vegas a couple of times, occasionally drove to Nebraska to see our grandparents and cousins, and we liked to travel to various points of interest in Arizona. While in college, I also made a few trips south of the border.  

Needless-to-say, when my husband and I traveled to Jamaica for an all-inclusive week-long trip in 1991, the desire to travel was stirred and we have been doing as much as possible since then. Being a teacher (my husband is an educator as well) has enabled us to travel more during the summers (in between kids sports and activities of course!). Most of my travels have been in North America; I’ve explored a great deal of it, traveling to thirty of our fifty states. We’ve also been to multiple destinations in Mexico and some stunning cities in Canada. I absolutely share the belief that bringing women together that share a passion for travel and providing a fun, safe way to travel is important and enriching!   I’m excited to become a hostess for Galcations not only because of my love of travel but also to share the experience with others who want to explore this great world.

Hobbies:  Aside from traveling, I love going to the movies, doing home projects, reading, watching football and playing games. Oh, and my husband and I have renovated a couple of homes and rent them out which tends to take a lot of time and muscle (but we love doing it).

Top of my travel bucket list: Europe, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Alaska

Favorite saying:  So much to see and so little time….so make the most of every minute!